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How to Start an Ecommerce Business from China

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Learn how to import from China and sell online

Having a strong online presence is very crucial for a business to be successful. According to, 1.8 billion people purchased goods online in 2018 leading to a sales projection of $2.8 trillion dollars and its expected to grow to $4.8 trillion dollars by 2021. A lot of entrepreneurs want to start their own eCommerce business from China because of low cost but they have no information on how to properly import from China.

Every business should have a website be it services or an eCommerce store. We have divided this article into two sections. This article will shed some light on its importance, how you can build your own store, generate traffic that converts, mistakes to avoid and how you can start and build your own eCommerce business from China in an easy way.

we have divided this section two Main parts as follows. 

  1. How and what products to source from China?
  2. How to create your eCommerce store?

We have written a complete guide on how to source products and import from China which you can check here but we will guide your understanding with respect to eCommerce in this article.

1. How and what products to source from China?

Finding product & evaluation

The first step to start your own eCommerce business from China is to find what product to sell. if you are starting new then proceed with a niche-based product. You should have some knowledge about the product and its details. There are many ways to find the best selling products in the market such as Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, Alibaba China or etc to understand what is trending. Perform thorough research in your local markets.

Business Plan

Once you found your dream product for your eCommerce store then it is high time to build some ground by working on your business plan. we highly recommend starting with the business canvas model to get thoughts clear. You can download your own Business Canvas model.
business model canvas

Choosing a Brand Name

Its time now to give a brand name to your idea. Check your country’s legal requirements for online business. Register the name if needed but make sure you have register domain your business. if you have not then there are many platforms online Hostinger, Godaddy, NameCheap, etc but the best site that we have used is which not let you check domain availability but also social media usernames. sign up for social media accounts as soon as possible.  

So you are off to finding a supplier to manufacture your products. 

search domain import from china
search username import from china

So you are off to finding a finding a supplier to manufacture your products. 


There are many companies in China that have started offering dropshipping but it involves lots of risks as most of them act as middlemen from the real companies. BoxC is a company that has provides all these services including warehouses, shipping, returns and order management and that take care of dropshipping on your behalf so that you can focus on selling them

2. How to create your eCommerce store?

The second step for starting your own eCommerce business from China is the selling channels and the most prominent is to have your own website. Building a website for an eCommerce online store is quite easy. you can pay little sum of money to any freelancer but it won’t translate the visitors if users come across any difficulty using the interface. The video might explain to you in-depth. 

Grow your business online| Web Development Services | JoinChinaTrade
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Analyze the examples of best selling online stores and test the user experience by making an account to determine what it is that you want on your website. It is important to start with basic functionalities and discuss it with your designer to design 2-3 versions of layout. Prototype using the sketch or Adobe XD Platforms. 

Step 1: Web Design

  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Illustration
  • Template layout

In web design, you focus on designing logos and other UI elements that you want to use on your website. Design the final layout of pages to give the final outline.

For-example:  Our team came up with 5 different logos after a week and after understanding the concept and meaning we decided to choose this one. The logo should have the meaning as it is the first thing that the user notices.

Step 2: Hosting

Choose a hosting service where your website will be stored. There are many hosting solutions available online. First, decide on your platform you will be building your website and compare hosting plans to choose the one that fits you right. 

Step 3: Build your Online Store

It’s best to build it by yourself in the beginning and later hire someone if changes are required through coding. There are different courses you can find online to learn about developing an eCommerce store. Udemy and Skillshare are great sources to find these courses. 

Choose any CMS that suits the best with your understanding but most of the small-mid sized companies use Woocommerce as customization is easier to do compared to others but there is learning curve. 

Step 4: Search Engine Optimization

Generating traffic is the next step. There are millions of websites online but the traffic only comes to those who have good Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO means that how your website is ranked in the search engines. if it’s ranked ten it will be placed higher. According to research, most users do not go past the 3rd page so hire a professional to perform this operation. Below is a good list to follow when performing SEO. 

Seo Checklist

  • Create a keyword list
  • Competitor keyword research
  • Keyword planner
  • Google terend
  • Keyword validation
  • Page title, URL & headline
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Check seo readability 
  • Use H1, H2, H3 -- 2k words -- images & UL 
  • UInternal & outbound links 
  • Google search console 
  •  Create sitemap 
  • Check queries 
  • page speed 
  • use SSl/Https 
  • Data highlighter
  • Inject traffic from social media 
  • contact bloggers 
  • create ads with high reward

Step 5: SSL Certificate

It creates a security layer on top of your website which allows safe data transfer of sensitive information of payments. 99% of the customers will not buy on your website if the SSL certificate is not installed.  

Step 6: Page Speed Optimization

Google stats that 70% of users will your website if the page loading speed is more than 3 seconds. You can check your Page loading speed through many sources but we recommend Gtmetrix

You can see the images and code that need correction to be able to increase your speed. 



Step 6: Launch your Store

If you have completed all the above steps then you are set to launch your own eCommerce Business from China. We advise that you try to do everything by yourself before asking others as it is your business. you should be more informed about your business than anyone else. However, if you are facing difficulty in understanding then hire a good company that you can trust. 

We offer all the above services by not only sourcing the best product to your destination country but also create the best eCommerce online store that converts sales. so send us a message if you have any questions. We will do our best to answers them as soon as possible. 

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