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Why a sourcing company?

The truth is that importing from China is quite easy these days but at the same time it has given rise to a lot of risks. It is hard to avoid them if you are beginner. Finding trustable suppliers with good quality and competitive prices is quite hard to find when there are thousands of suppliers listed online including Alibaba plus given the uncertainty if the reviews are real or not.

Our sourcing service is Free and the client does not pay anything until the order is purchased. We have a 5%-10% service charge depending on the order. The service charge consists of locating the right product, price negotiation, production management, quality inspection, shipping arrangement.

One may argue about the inspection company. The reality is that they will only send you a report of the inspection with statistics. Then you have to choose a separate shipper which means more entities are involved leading to miss-communication. A small mistake can cost you a fortune and wastage of time. The reason why we founded our company. we handle all operations under one roof and solve all issues before the shipment leaves China.

We believe in delivering. We have worked with many companies worldwide ranging from small-big sized projects and help them achieve their goals.




The journey of 30 years from being a seller in 1991 ourselves to a service provider from 2006. We have experienced all the problems a buyer faced and knows the ins and outs of the business.

We are now a leading company involved in import & export business of various products.
We provide professional China-wide buying & export services. We are a factory-direct supplier of many products and have completed many successful manufacturing projects. JoinChinaTrade is an entity of LeeJinSource and its main functions are to focus on product development besides other services.



JoinChinaTrade aims at providing the best product sourcing solutions to your problems. Therefore we have recruited and trained professionals.



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